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So those of you who know me, know that I love watching television. Being in Kuwait, I knew there would be some sacrifices made about watching tv, but I knew I'd be able to watch the most important shows online.

In theory, this was a fantastic idea. Unfortunately, the system has decided it hates me and has now blocked access to and

So I'm looking for other places that I could possibly catch my favourite shows (Grey's, Supernatural, Desperate Housewives, Heroes and House).

If you know anything that would help me, I'd really appreciate it.

Please save me from a season without tv :(


So tomorrow is the big day. I'm flying out of Toronto to Frankfurt and then from there I'm onto Kuwait. And I'll be gone for almost a year! It's totally insane, but totally amazing.

I'm starting to go crazy because I can't believe it is actually happening. I'm flying away and in two weeks, I'll have my own classroom. And my own apartment! In a country I've never been before! Where they're not totally Westernized! And I have to dress different! And I have a classroom! And I have to teach kids! And not screw them up!

Oh My Bob.

Ok, clearly, I've had too much sugar or something. I need to put this energy to use and finish packing.

I'll post from the other side of the Atlantic :)
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I Spy

That's It!

I officially hate the CW.

Canceling Veronica Mars? Yea, if there was a way to hurt a network, I would do it. So much annoyance right now.

The thing that gets me, is why not let the show go out with a proper series finale and give some notice it was ending, so things can be done right?

To me, it just doesn't make sense to drag it out and drag it out until its too late to change anything and ultimately leaving viewers unsatisfied.

Boo to the CW
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Signs that you're soccer game should go wrong:

1. You lose your shorts
2. You break 6 eggs on your way out of the house
3. Your Captain/Coach locked herself out of the house and her car, moments before the game.
4. You have no subs
5. The other team has a full second line up
6. That full second line up is full of players you've never seen before (*cou-ringers-gh*)
7. You slam your elbow on the floor on your first big save
8. You pull your bum on the next big save.

That's all I've got. I think it's everything that made me think "uh oh..." BUT, we did pull it together and we did win our semi final match. I have the finals tomorrow...I just hope my elbow feels better by then.

And just a little side note. I'm going through the process of making my journal friends only. This will be the last entry that I don't lock (besides the eventual Friends Only post). So, if you're a lurker you should think about adding me now.

Happy St. Patrick's Day for those who will be celebrating it tomorrow.